Workshop and demonstrations in early 2020

Afternoon Demonstration with Kaili Fu

On Thursday 13th February, Kaili Fu  joined the group to demonstrate her skills in Chinese Brush Painting. Kaili has been painting professionally for over 30 years. Since her arrival in Exeter in 1988 there have been many exhibitions of her artwork throughout Devon and the South West. In addition she has been teaching Chinese Brush painting in community learning centres, adult education colleges and residential colleges around the UK. Kaili loves nature, flowers and plants, insects and animals. She very often travels around outdoors, sketching and studying them carefully in order to familiarise herself with every detail.

Chinese Brush painting has a long history of over two thousand years. Its techniques are combined with philosophy and how we view the world. Kaili’s desire is to bring Chinese art to the West and she is passionate about introducing people to this ancient oriental skill.

The painting materials Kaili uses are rice paper, silk brushes, ink and colours. She uses soft silk and rough-made rice paper together as painting materials, which is a breakaway from traditional style and use of materials.


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