Workshops and Demonstrations 2019

On Saturday 9 November 2019 members of the group and a few guests gathered at St Mary’s Hall for a day workshop with local artist Tony Homer. Tony’s work features abstracted images of landscapes, buildings, boats and seascapes, and in this workshop we chose to try and paint abstracted boats.

Tony Homer explaining technique at an easel
Tony Homer explaining his style

We were definitely out of our comfort zones as abstract art is not a style any of us normally follow. Tony made it look easy and encouraged us to explore painting boats in an expressive and colourful way. With Tony’s guidance most people produced a painting that was different to their usual style, which gave us the first steps in a new way of adding energy to any painting.

Audience at Tony Homer's workshop
An engaged audience watching Tony Homer at work

Thanks to Tony for his clear explanations of how to paint in an abstract way, all the helpful tips he gave us, and for bringing along paint and other materials to share.

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