Workshop and Demonstrations

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Rebecca de Mendonca workshop 4 November 2023 

A group of us enjoyed a Saturday workshop on 4 November 2023 with Rebecca de Mendonca who showed us how to use pastels to paint Dartmoor in a dramatic way. As most of us are not frequent pastel users, we very much appreciated Rebecca’s enthusiasm and knowledge of this medium, and her individual tips and advice. With her encouragement, we each produced an interesting painting we would never have done at home.


Greg Wellman workshop on Wild Animals 3 June 2023

Greg has been to our group before for a few workshops and demos, so we knew we were in for a treat with a workshop on a favourite subject of his – wild animals. In order to get an image down fairly quickly, Greg suggested we use the grid method. Some of our group were familiar with this technique, others not. But at the end we were all convinced this was not cheating but a good way to make an accurate drawing which we could then enjoy painting. Everyone painted a different animal, although we did have two puffins (one was puffinboots!). The result was some really good work by our members who are getting used to painting outside their comfort zones.


Workshop with Tony Homer 11 March 2023

The group had a very interesting day with Tony, experimenting with colourful landscapes. Tony demonstrated the way he uses acrylic paints and mediums to create his recognisable style, with sweeping contours and bold colours. We very much enjoyed trying this ourselves – a wonderful way to spend a gloomy winter Saturday.


Land sea and sky Mixed Media Workshop with Ray Balkwill on 12 November 2022

We were very fortunate that Ray Balkwill stepped up to help us out when the booked artist for our autumn workshop was cancelled. Ray is a well known and well regarded Exmouth artist whose work this year has been featured at the RAMM in Exeter and can be bought in the Orangerie Cafe at Powderham Castle. He no longer runs workshops so we felt quite honoured that he agreed to share his knowledge of mixed media painting with us on Saturday 12 November. Ray spent some time demonstrating how he would tackle a Land Sea and Sky painting, explaining the different stages involved, using watercolours to set a foundation for the overlaying of pastels, along with other media. The group then used their own photographs and choice of paints to create a mixed media painting, which was a new technique for most people. The workshop ended with a critique of our work and more tips and ideas for future work. A most enjoyable event.



Workshop with Louise Bougourd, Expressive Landscape

On Saturday 18 June we had our first all day workshop since Covid. Local artist Louise Bougourd led the workshop on Expressive Landscapes and encouraged us to try some abstract techniques to make a seascape less realistic. We all enjoyed the day and everyone produced a picture that was quite different from their usual way of painting.

Workshop with Jayne Farleigh

The group enjoyed an afternoon workshop with local artist Jayne Farleigh who demonstrated how she would paint an estuary scene. As the workshop was a short one of two hours, members used their own paints and surfaces that they are familiar with. Jayne’s work is often more abstract but she can only create this kind of painting in her own workshop due to the techniques she uses, which are quite messy.

Workshop with Clare Jenkinson

Local artist Clare Jenkinson recently gave a workshop to the group, providing three set ups for an interesting still life display. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and some lovely work was created.

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